VIEW Ledger

Since 2004, VIEW has helped companies streamline accounting – finance – and business processes from the cloud. Our goal is for our customers to focus on their own value creation by securing income, having control over costs and developing their organization.

Our role is to help our customers succeed through insight and overview – in real-time. We have gathered our focus around the ERP systems Xledger and Tripletex, and are in both cases their largest partner. This means that we have very good system expertise, and know which functions companies can use to streamline their financial and business processes.

We offer our customers the opportunity to outsource all work to us or to choose to do parts of the work themselves. You still have easy access to your financial information, anytime, anywhere!

Outsource regnskap i xledger

VIEW TAX consists of experienced consultants with more certifications in Xledger. Many controllers and highly educated colleagues contribute to quality assurance at all levels as well as the authorization required by Finanstilsynet. All accountants have a minimum Bachelor or Master in Economics, with specialization in subjects such as auditing and management.

VIEW Academy contributes to the development of our employees and includes project management for the implementation of ERP systems.

One of the advantages of being part of the VIEW Group is that knowledge and experience are shared internally within the group to achieve the best solutions for our customers.

The most important thing is to bring the customer and the system together, with solutions the customer did not think were possible. Mutual understanding and good communication are something we at VIEW believe is the key to a good collaboration. VIEW wants to be a partner, not a supplier.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Good customer relationships lead to good ideas. Together we have found many innovative and effective solutions to create a good financial overview and structure.


“When we start a project in a new country, it is essential for us to find the right competence for local laws and tax legislation. When we found Malin and VIEW Tax we were very happy.”


“When we expanded to Norway, we contacted several tax accountants. We chose VIEW Tax. To do local tax yourself is time-consuming.”


“MEDICE is one of the most successful family-owned pharmaceutical companies in Germany.”

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